A reusable Hipli package has less impact than a cardboard box from the second use onwards 🌱

You have chosen delivery in a reusable Hipli package, and thanks to you, 25 kg of waste will be avoided.

Scan me, scan me, scan me

As soon as you have your package in your hands, scan its QR Code using your phone’s camera.

It also allows us to track the lifespan of each package: this is important for measuring our impact. 🌱

CodeQR Hipli application

I will go all the way with my gesture

You have three options to reuse your package:

Reuse my package

Return to Hipli

I easily send back my empty package and get a promo code

Reuse hipli parcel

Reuse my package

I easily create a shipping label

Product return

Easily return my order with Hipli

Do you want to find Hipli on all your future orders?

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