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Over 350 brands already offer delivery in Hipli reusable parcels


Tracking re-use

Our offer gives you maximum transparency. Your dashboard gives you real-time access to :

  • Rate of re-use of each of your orders
  • Volume of waste avoided

💡 Legal obligations: our tools are compatible with the reporting obligations of French (AGEC law) and European regulations.


Integration on your site

Thanks to our plugins, you can easily install the Hipli option on your e-commerce site. They have been developed to improve and measure your customers’ online experience.

  • Shopify and Woocommerce plugin
  • Manage the eligibility of your catalogue
  • Tag on your product sheets
  • Measuring the adoption rate
  • APIs and webhooks


Optimised logistics

Our software allows you to scan parcels in your warehouses. We can also integrate the Hipli solution into your WMS for a unified experience.

  • PScanning tool
  • PShipment tracking
  • PAutomatic restocking
  • PAPIs and webhooks


Boost marketing

Unboxing is a powerful and positive moment of attention. Take advantage of this opportunity to communicate your values, introduce new products and build customer loyalty by using the Hipli application in your colours.

  • PNPS and customer feedback
  • PAutomated re-use emails
  • PVisibility for a qualified target group via promotional codes
  • PApplication customisation

Simply adopt the reusable parcel

We’ve designed the reusable parcel that adapts to your customers, your products and your processes.


Offer a choice of parcel at checkout

Hipli offers you a plug-in and support tailored to your infrastructure.

hipli parcel
Hipli professional reusable parcels
shipping hipli order


Send your orders using Hipli

We’ve designed the parcels so that order preparation is quick and efficient. Our different formats, flexible and rigid, can be adapted to suit all your needs.


Your customer reuses the parcel

By scanning the QR code on the parcel, your customer is guided step-by-step through the reuse of their parcel. They can choose to send it back to Hipli free of charge.

reuse a hipli parcel with the application
reusable parcel La Poste


Frequent questions

+ Do you offer volume discounts for large shipment volumes?

Yes! We have a rental offer, perfect for internal flows and rental professionals. The usage then starts at the competitive price of €0.50 per month with unlimited usage.

+ Do you afford decreasing rates according to volumes ?

Absolutely. Let’s build the best reusable packaging solution together, adapted to your needs. Decreasing rates according to volumes. Discover the rates of our different solutions above.

+ What do the application customization campaigns correspond to?

You can customize the experience for your customers when they scan your parcels. The application will then reflect your colors, logos, and you can add loyalty incentives of your choice.

+ Is it possible to customize my parcels?

Absolutely. Of course. Starting from the premium offer, you can fully customize the parcels: colors, logo, text, you are in control of your image.

Is it possible to only use your tracking and reuse solution, but with my own parcels?

Of course. If you wish to use your own parcels, we provide you with the scanning software, impact dashboard, QR codes, and the application for individuals. Contact us!

We’re here to help you get started!

Contact our teams of experts: logistics, IT or marketing, we share our tools and experience.

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