give your customers an alternative

This reusable packaging, up to 100 times, was designed for and by e-commerce — less environmental impact and an unforgettable experience for your customers.

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Over 350 brands have already adopted the Hipli packaging alternative

Alycia Moesle E-commerce Manager

“Being determined and a leader in creating new practices is very rewarding for us and reflects the sincerity of our approach. With this project, we are betting on the future and anchoring ourselves in the future of e-commerce, which we are convinced will be made of reusable packaging.”

Alycia Moesle, E-commerce Manager at Qwetch    

The impact of reusable packaging


Reusable packaging means 83% less carbon impact compared to cardboard parcels according to the results of the Life Cycle Assessment that we carried out by a firm of experts. And with our turnkey communication kit, you will be able to pass on all this knowledge to your customers. 


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Just go for it

We have designed reusable packaging that works for your customers, your products, and your processes.


Give your customers the choice at checkout

We will help you set up the reusable packaging option on your website. Plug-in or tailor-made support: Hipli will adapt to your infrastructure.

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Ship your orders in Hipli packaging

Our packaging has been designed to simplify preparation : self-adhesive labels and an ultra-fast closing system.


Your customer can reuse the packaging

By scanning the packaging’s QR code, your customers will receive a step-by-step guide on how to reuse the packaging. They can choose to reuse it for personal shipments or send it back to Hipli for free.

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Colis réutilisable La Poste

Circularity is our business

Order the amount of packaging you need and we’ll ship them out to you, ready to use. We’ll take care of the rest: 

  • Postal return included 
  • Package cleaning 
  • Risk of loss covered by Hipli
  • No stock cost or seasonality
reusable packaging
colis hipli

Reusable packaging

Hipli packaging has been designed to last: it is rough and tough and will live a hundred lives. But it can also become small and delicate to be sent back in letter size, with very little environmental impact. As for its style, it never fails to make a good impression.

  • 4 flexible packaging formats, 1 rigid packaging 
  • Collapsible to letter size 
  • Pre-paid return 
  • Customisable (subject to conditions)

Your customers will love it

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A great rating: 9.3 out of 10


We always ask people who have received a Hipli packaging if they would recommend their loved ones to choose reusable packaging, and 9.3/10 have said yes!

expérience client hipli

“I think the concept is great in every way! Everything is perfect !”


The power of the first impression


If you design products that respect people and the planet, take one step further in reducing your impact with reusable packaging. It is also an actual way of proving to your customers that you are doing your best to reach your goals.

Reusable packaging is a clear and measurable way to take action. And it shows.

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Your customers will be talking about you


Receiving a Hipli package is an experience that your customers will want to talk about. Posts, stories, and dinner parties with friends: everyone will know how you are.

We’re here to help you get started !

Contact our expert teams: logistics, IT, or marketing, we’ll share with all of our tools and experience.

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