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Circular Technology

For reusable packages to be truly reused, they must be accompanied by tools for businesses, their partners, and individuals.


Reuse Tracking

Our offer ensures the highest transparency. On your dashboard, access in real-time:

  • Reuse rate of each of your orders
  • Volume of waste avoided

💡 Legal obligations: our tools are compatible with the reporting requirements of French (AGEC law) and European regulations.


Integration on your website

Thanks to our plugins, you can easily install the Hipli option on your e-commerce site. They have been developed to improve and measure the online experience of your customers.

  • Shopify and Woocommerce plugin
  • Management of your catalog's eligibility
  • Tag on your product sheets
  • Adoption rate measurement
  • API and webhooks


Optimized logistics

Our software allows you to scan packages in your warehouses. We can also integrate the Hipli solution into your WMS for a unified experience.

  • PScanning tool
  • PShipment tracking
  • PAutomatic replenishment
  • PAPI and webhooks


Marketing boost

Unboxing is a moment of strong and positive attention. ake advantage of it to communicate your values, introduce new products, and build customer loyalty by customizing the Hipli application with your brand colors.

  • PNPS and verbatim from your customers
  • PAutomation of reuse emails
  • PVisibility to a qualified audience via promo codes
  • PApplication customization

We are here to help you get started!

Contact our teams of experts: logistics, IT, or marketing, we share our tools and experiences.

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