Rent Hipli packaging.

Re-use them as many times as you want.

This packaging can be reused 100 times for product exchanges with your suppliers and subsidiaries.

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The impact of reusable packaging


Reusable packaging means 83% less carbon impact compared to cardboard parcels according to the results of the Life Cycle Assessment that we carried out by a firm of experts. And with our turnkey communication kit, you will be able to pass on all this knowledge to your customers.


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A monthly subscription. Unlimited use.

Rent reusable packaging to replace single-use packaging.


Rent your Hipli packaging

Rent your Hipli packaging from €0.50 per parcel per month. Choose from four flexible formats and one rigid format.

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Use them as many times as you want

Use your packaging as many times as you want. Securely closed, easy labelling. Compatible with all carriers. 

Hipli colis reutilisables professionnel

Use case

Sending items between stores 

A leading ready-to-wear brand uses Hipli packaging to send items between its different stores: bye-bye single-use parcels! The teams love this solution and it saves money.

Use case

Collecting exhibition glasses from opticians 

RecyclOptics helps opticians to ensure optical and eyewear waste is recycled. The association has created a virtuous circle and acts as a mediator between opticians, the Mega Optic collection centre and the Reviplast recycling centre. All transfers between these different actors are now ensured by Hipli packaging. 

hipli colis collecte opticiens
Carole Riehl - Présidente de Recycl’Optics

At RecyclOptics and Hipli, we are hopeful. Through this collaboration, we do a great job of raising awareness. We want to adapt it to other types of waste that exist in the optics-eyewear industry, but that are not yet recyclable. I also set up a collection of broken glasses. Once I have a better idea of the quantities of used glasses sent by opticians, we will be able to estimate the need for Hipli packages to take a step further in reducing waste.

Carole Riehl, Chair at Recycl’Optics

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