How does it work?

Return to Hipli

Thanks to the permanent stamp printed on the return pouch, a Hipli package can be returned via any french mailbox.

RER Retour emballage réutilisable La Poste

Like sending a letter

scan reusable parcel qr code

I scan my package.

By scanning the QR code on the package, I access folding instructions and keep track of my package’s cycle. Thanks to this, I could get a promo code from one of the partner brands.

fold reusable packaging

I fold the package.

Once my package is empty, I fold it along the dotted lines, then slide it into the adjacent envelope.

impact reusable parcel

I return it for free.

I can now drop off my package in any yellow french mailbox. It’s free, it’s already stamped!

We do the same thing all over again.

When you drop your package into a street mailbox, it returns to Hipli. We then proceed to scan each QR code to record their return. Then they get a makeover: the packages are cleaned and refurbished, ready to be put back into circulation.

Reusable packaging mailbox return
reusable packaging

And what about the environmental impact of the return?


Upon return, the package folds into its return pouch to become a letter. Shared with regular mail, the return generates only 20g of CO2, which is 11 times less than producing a new cardboard box.

Discounts from your favorite brands as a reward


More than 100 brands already offer rewards for those who complete the process and return the package. Promo codes are recorded on the Hipli app, and you activate them only when you need them.

hipli return promo code

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