What is Hipli ?

We did not reinvent the wheel, just the packaging.

Our reason of being

Throwing away packaging designed to carry a single parcel ordered on the internet is a strong gesture. A gesture that we no longer want to make. Hipli is a citizen's project, born from the conviction that consumers have the power to act. It is also a company that firmly aligns positive impact and profitability so as not to lose its way.

A real issue

More than one billion packages were sent in France in 2020. That's a lot of full yellow bins to wonder about! Recycling, impacts, behaviours, we met experts, measured and compared the impacts. We explain.

We designed a package

For them to live 100 lives, we needed strong, practical and cool packages. So we gathered experts around us. Committed brands, designers, teams from La Poste, logisticians and environmental impact experts: they all joined us in the adventure to design the first Hipli parcels, and all the logistics that allow each one to be truly reused.

Sustainbale and responsile ...

This format is ideal for shipping large items.
This format is ideal for shipping multiple items.
This format is ideal for shipping small items.
The Rigid
This format is ideal for shipping small fragile items.