About us

Acting for the planet

Our mission is to give people the power and eagerness to fight e-commerce waste.

Déchets du e-commerce

1.3 billion parcels are sent around France each year


This represents 300,000 tons of packaging trash. That’s way too much. And until now, we could not choose the packaging in which we received our orders.

Simple gestures that make you want to act


We believe that if we share what we know about the environmental impact of e-commerce packaging and create packages that are convenient, easy to use, and fun to receive, no one will want single-use parcels anymore. 

emballage reutilisable hipli

Our guiding star

We are aware that we still have a long way to go and that won’t get everything right straight away. To stay focused on our mission, we will not lose sight of our guiding star, which will help us stay on the right track to reach our set goals.

Positive impact

Change, like the one we are aiming for, takes time. But we promise to keep on reducing our environmental impact and to do everything we can to achieve our goals.


We communicate transparently about our company and our activity. Our choices are explained, illustrated, and documented.


Hipli, the company and the products, have been made to last. We aim to change our society’s behaviour: this can’t be achieved in a few months. We are therefore laying a solid foundation for our company to last and support this change over time.

Let’s take a moment to look back

We are rethinking packaging

July 2020

Anne-Sophie Raoult and Léa Got launch Hipli

After nine months of working alongside brands, software specialists, designers, postal service, we managed to design a parcel that can be reused 100 times.

start up hipli
March 2021

Europe, here we come ! 

Hipli packaging can now cross borders. We have selected eight border countries, with postal returns without planes.

colis reutilisable europe
July 2021

First hard packaging 

A rigid format joined our range of products. It was quickly adopted by items such as cosmetics and small, fragile products. 

colis rigide hipli
October 2021

Partnership with Colissimo (French carrier)

Hipli was chosen by Colissimo to make reusable parcels more accessible. The aim was to communicate about reusable packaging, introduce them to webstores and to co-innovate.

Colissimo partenaire Colis réutilisable Hipli
February 2022

Creating the return offer for reusable packaging 

This is a world first: the French Post Office launched a return rate dedicated to reusable packaging. Reusable packaging has entered the big leagues.

Offre retour emballage réutilisable hipli
July 2022

Two years and 250,000 parcels later

250,000 parcels have now been used by our partner brands and by over one million people. And in two years, the team has grown a lot ! 

start up hipli

Launch of the Hipli app

By scanning the QR code on the parcel, customers can access the Hipli application and be guided step-by-step through the reuse of their parcel.


A Box range for the most fragile items

The Box range makes its appearance: made in France, it is available in three formats.


Technology for re-use

For reusable parcels to be truly reused, they need to be accompanied by tools such as an integration plug-in, professional scanning software and a tracking dashboard.


Hipli obtains B Corp certification

We are now part of this global community of companies that respect high social and environmental standards.


What’s next ?

We are working to make sure reusable packaging becomes the norm.

Together, we can make a difference


Work in a fast-growing company. And above all, with a positive impact


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