The reusable parcel : the end of e-commerce waste

Hipli parcels are made to be used 100 times and they can be fold to be send as a letter in any street mailbox.

  • A srtong impact, measured by external studies.
  • Three sizes of envelopes, and a rigid parcel to protect fragile products.
  • A secured zipper to protect your shipment.
  • A client experience that really makes a difference.

How does it work ?

Order your Hipli parcels
Add Hipli to your delivery options
Send your client's order in a Hipli parcel
Your clients send the parcel back for free to Hipli. And it's go again !

The impact

Hipli parcels have a lower environmental impact from the second use. To understand their environmental imapct, measure them and identify the axes on wich we can act to reduce them, we ordered an external study of our parcels and their single use alternatives.

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