Deliver with a reusable packaging

Offer the Hipli option to your customers when they order online. Send your orders as you usually do : they are adapted to every delivery system and we offer guides to help you implement it.

It’s in the box!

Your clients cut the seal, discover their order, and fold the packaging before they slip it for free in any mailbox, or in one of our relay points. In its pre-stamped envelope, it travels back to our workshops, in normandy.

There we go again!

The Hipli team then takes care of the packaging in our workshop based in Le Havre. We clean them, check their state and disinfect them. When you are out of stock, you just have to make a new packaging order.

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Hipli was born
on top of a bin

Not so glamorous.

And it motivated us to get packagings out of it. We put all our hearts, and a good amount of pragmatism, to help living great adventures and protecting the planet. We tell you how everything started and our approach to move forward.