Pack of 10 Hipli parcels

Hipli parcels are very resistant, waterproof, flexible, light and fit various packaging needs.

You can stick the shipping label directly on the package and close it with tape. With the Hipli app, we have made creating a shipping label as easy as possible.

A Hiplus is perfect for packing a sweater or T-Shirt and jeans đŸ˜‰

19,9949,00 HT

No unnecessary packaging: the package is sent in one of the pack’s packaging

hipli app

Your parcel shipments made easy with the Hipli app

experience hipli

A unique and fun unboxing experience

impact reusable packaging

Less impact than a cardboard parcel from the second use

scan qr code hipli packaging

Sending parcels has never been easier

  • Scan the packaging’s QR code
  • Choose your shipment type
  • Generate your shipping label

Hipli for your eshop

Send Hipli reusable packaging to your online shoppers or loved ones. They can in turn reuse it or send it back to Hipli for free.

shipping label
reusable packaging

Pass the parcel

Your package can be reused by your recipient. It takes its first steps with you and will then live 100 lives.