Implementing reusable packaging – Behind the scenes


To offer your customers a reusable packaging service, you must start by implementing the solution. This requires internal preparation, involving several of the company’s departments.

Hipli offers a turnkey solution that helps you at every single step of the way.

To introduce you to these steps, we are going to go behind the scenes with Lentillesmoinschères. In this study case, we are going to explain the process put in place internally to spread the news: from the customer’s click on the website, to the logistics preparation chai right up to the Hipli delivery in the customer’s letterbox. 

It is through the eyes of Léa Geoffroy, CMO at Lentillesmoinschères that we will present the keys to logistics implementation. 

It is also our first implementation within the health industry. As you will see at the end of this article, Hipli packaging was a great success !

implementation hipli lentillesmoinschères



Leader in France in contact lens renewal online, Lentillesmoinschères sells contact lenses, care solutions, and eye health products online. 

Aware of the impact of e-commerce on our planet and wanting to go even further in reducing their carbon footprint, Lentillesmoinschères has chosen to offer its customers the Hipli option when sending their contact lenses.

“Offering Hipli packaging is part of our approach to reducing our environmental impact. From a customer point of view, the goal is to offer the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact, whether they are already in a personal approach or not.”

Léa Geoffroy

CMO, at

Reusable packaging : a solution that addresses limitations

To set up a new packaging solution to ship orders, Lentillesmoinschères faced two main challenges: 

  • The reliability of the prepared orders: ensuring that this change would be not a source of error in the content, the recipient or the security of the package during its preparation.
  • Optimisation of order preparation time

Supply chain integration in three straightforward steps

  1. Finding a storage location for Hipli packaging 
  2. Training all order pickers to use Hipli packaging 
  3. Referencing Hipli packaging in the ERP (the logistics management software)
implementation logistique colis reutilisables

Let’s focus on IT implementation

  • The system identifies the package format needed

An online system allows you to set the size of the packaging according to the combinations of items ordered by customers. If the size of the order is compatible with Hipli reusable packaging, the option is offered to the customer when ordering.

  • Information is passed on to order pickers

The information is then sent to the tool used by order pickers. They always know which packaging to use, with a rationalisation of the number of packages.

Between 350 and 400 orders are sent each month with Hipli packaging.

  • Necessary ERP adjustments have been identified

The integration at the ERP level required some adjustments with an external service provider who created the tool used for order preparation (picking, shipping, etc.). As Léa Geoffroy tells us, “this small difficulty was easily overcome.”

In the company’s own words

“The Hipli packaging format we use is very easy to handle, takes up very little space, is flexible, lightweight, and adapts to the content’s size. This allows us to minimise vacuum transport for our transport providers.”

Léa Geoffroy

CMO, at