Boosting customer satisfaction with a responsible experience

Reusable packaging is a bonus in the consumer experience. This is how the brand takes its commitments to its customer. Packaging becomes a vector of responsible experience, the experience sticks with us, and we create a virtuous circle. The consumer then becomes an actor in the circular economy. 

The package individuals hold in their hands becomes more than just packaging. They have the power to make them live several lives, to limit their impact by meeting a real need. That’s why Qwetch decided to offer this experience to its customers. 

Motivation, communication strategy, and results. With this Use Case, discover all the steps involved in setting up a responsible experience.

bouteilles reutilisables qwetch


Qwetch is a purpose-driven company that offers reusable and safe food containers to eat and drink better. They are designed to have a reduced environmental impact. They help those who want to have their drinks and meals with them at all times and avoid using single-use items.

Reusable containers and reusable packaging, sounds good, doesn’t it? Qwetch and Hipli were made for each other!  

Alycia Moesle, E-commerce Manager at Qwetch, explains the steps needed internally to implement our Hipli solution. It also highlights feedback from Qwetch customers. Let’s go!

“Being determined and a leader in creating new practices is very rewarding for us and reflects the sincerity of our approach. With this project, we are betting on the future and anchoring ourselves in the future of e-commerce, which we are convinced will be made of reusable packaging.”

Alycia Moele

E-commerce Manager, at Qwetch

Reducing the amount of packaging used: a real challenge for shipments 

Implementing a reusable packaging service was a first for Qwetch


Qwetch’s motivation to adopt Hipli was crystal clear: to reduce the amount of packaging used for its e-commerce shipments.  

The idea is to reduce the environmental impact of its activity, but also to promote and experiment with new practices in the sector. 

This initiative also allows Qwetch to move towards a more sustainable model. 

Ultimately, the goal is to get rid of product packaging, including protective boxes. Hipli is the first (big) step towards this goal.

To carry out this project, the company collaborated with its independent logistician, the IT department, the internal e-commerce team, and the consumer service team. 

Bringing all these people together ensured that the Hipli solution worked properly. They were thus able to anticipate possible problems related to the arrival of a new service.

“The teams were sceptical at first, especially about the risk of damage to the products, but after the trial phase, everyone was convinced!”

Alycia Moele

E-commerce Manager, at Qwetch

Implementing Hipli has allowed Qwetch to highlight, in every possible way, its desire to act at its own level for the planet.

A step-by-step implementation

A successful trial phase 

Integration tests for Hipli packages were launched in January 2022. This trial was successful: 1 in 3 customers chose a reusable package when they were given the choice.

And most importantly, those who received their Hipli parcel orders loved the experience. 

To launch the tests, a newsletter was sent to consumers. Performance could be measured through a satisfaction survey also sent to customers. 

During the trial phase, 1 in 3 customers chose the reusable package 
hipli qwetch le colis reutilisable

Communication strategy 

Offering a new service requires information from stakeholders.

Customers can find information content on Qwetch’s website, presenting all the environmental benefits and how easy this solution is.

This information had a dedicated page on their website, as well as a blog article and further information in the FAQ section. 

Content explaining the approach and best practices was published on their social media pages (LinkedIn and Instagram). Hipli and Qwetch also wrote a joint press release, which received very good feedback. 

Customer feedback 

In one month, around 400 Qwetch customers chose to receive their product in Hipli reusable packaging and were very satisfied, according to the very good feedback.

avis hipli qwetch
avis hipli qwetch
avis hipli qwetch
avis hipli qwetch

In the company’s own words

“The teams were sceptical at first, especially about the risk of damage to the products, but after the trial phase, everyone was convinced !”

Alycia Moele

E-commerce Manager, at Qwetch

linkedin hipli qwetch
linkedin hipli qwetch