Well done!

You are about to make a difference.

Here are the answers to the questions you may be asking yourself :

1Where can I drop off my Hipli packaging so it can be used again ?
You can drop off your packaging in any street mailbox, at the post office of your choice, or in one of our relay points. In order to find the closest to your place, click right here..
2Where can I find the Hipli option during my next order ?
In order to receive a Hipli packaging, the purchased brand must offer you the option. You can find here the list of brands already engaged in this adventure.

If your favourite brand does not offer delivery in a reusable packaging yet, do not hesitate to write them a note where you explain the positive impact of this option and your will to do something for the planet by their side. You probably don’t imagine the power of your voice and the brand will certainly be thrilled to discover this option ! And keep us updated !
3Do I have to stamp the packaging before I slip it in a mail box ?
No, the stamping is already printed on the small return envelope. You simply have to fold the packaging following the instructions and return it for free. Easy, right ?
4Can I keep the packaging for a Vinted sending or to send something to my great-ant by marriage ?
Ideally, no. Sending your packaging back to Hipli is making sure that it is really reused a 100 times. And the more a packaging is reused, the smaller the carbon impact, the more waste it avoids. If you really can’t help yourself, please ensure that the person you’re sending it to will send it back to us, so it will come back on track.
5I received a Hipli and I live in a foreign country, how can I send it back ?
We developed two Hipli ranges, one for France and another for Europe.
The French version (recognizable by the French writing) can be sent back from France, Monaco and Andorra.

The European version (with English writing) can be sent back from Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Italy, the Netherland, the United-Kingdom and Switzerland.
6Those gorgeous pants I ordered are too big for me, how can I send them back ?
You can use your Hipli packaging to send the items you ordered back to the brand. For the stamping, you can use the return voucher given by the brand. And to secure your sending, please use the cable zip tie you can find inside the packaging.