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1Why would I offer Hipli as an option?
We want Hipli packaging to be an option. The point : prevent it from being delivered to people that are not concerned by the environment and for it to end up in a bin.
2Who pays ?
We charge the e-merchant who can afterwards, if one wants to, charge your client for the option. When the option is offered for free, 88% of the customers choose it. When it is offered for 1€, it’s 55% of the clients that are choosing a reusable packaging.
3What if the client wants to return a product?
The packaging can be used again by the client to send a product back, without additional costs. Your client will simply have to stick a return label destined to your address on the packaging, with our usual stamping method. There is no risk for the packaging to return to us by mistake as our address only appears when the packaging is folded in the letter pocket, therefore in this fold, no product can be slipped in the packaging. You can then reuse the packaging for free or send it back to us so it can be used again.
4What if a client does not return the empty packaging?
Financially, nothing happens. There is no deposit due and no late payment penalty. However, it is necessary that the client returns the packaging so the system can work properly.
5Do you sell the packagings?
The prices mentioned down below are those offered for a service including the disposal of the packaging, its transfer of property, the postal return between the consumer and our workshop, as well as the reconditioning. Should you have a specific need, and a packaging purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us.
6How can I explain the concept to my clients?
When you first order, you receive a complete guide helping you to integrate the Hipli option on your website as well as wording, figures and illustrations to explain the concept and its impact.
7Is it really a good idea for the environmental impact?
A Hipli packaging has less impact than a cardboard box as soon as it is used a second time. We had a Life Cycle Analysis done which is considering the global impact of our packagings from the extraction of the raw material to the end of life. It includes every intermediate step, such as the journey of the packaging. All of those details are available on the Impact page of the website.

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