How does it work ?

Sending your packaging back to Hipli

Thanks to the permanent stamp printed on the return envelope, Hipli packaging can be dropped off in any street letterbox.

RER Return reusable packaging La Poste

It’s just like pass the parcel

Scan the parcel

Scan the parcel

Check out the folding instructions. By creating an account on the app, you can also request a discount code from any of the brands.

folding reusable parcel

Fold the parcel

Once the package has been emptied, fold it following the dotted lines. Then, slip it into the attached envelope.

return a hipli package

Send it back for free

You can now drop your parcel off in any street letterbox. It’s free, the envelope is pre-paid !

You’re in the loop

When your parcel has been dropped off in a street letterbox, they make their way back to Hipli. We make sure we scan each QR code to record their return. Then, the packaging gets a little TLC: parcels get cleaned and reconditioned, ready to join the loop again.

 Reusable postal return parcel
 Reusable postal return parcel

And the impact of the return?


To be sent back, the parcel folds into its return envelope and takes the size and shape of a letter. Along with mail, the return generates only 20g of CO2, 11 times less than the production of a new cardboard parcel.

An win-win situation for you and the planet


Over 100 brands already reward those who return their Hipli packaging. Vouchers are available on the Hipli app. You can activate them whenever you need them.

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Need help ?

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