Responsible logistics and customer satisfaction

The example of reusable packaging at Cdiscount

For several months now, Cdiscount has been offering its customers the choice of Hipli packaging on its website. As well as the reusable packaging service, we offer our customers real support throughout our collaboration.

For Cdiscount, this has resulted in: 

  • Implementing the Hipli option on their website for a trial 
  • Discussing and analysing the user journey 
  • Highlighting the Hipli choice to get customers used to this new purchasing behaviour

As for logistics, our solution was integrated, without adjustments, into Cdiscount’s manual packaging lines. Simple and efficient, what more could you ask for ?  


French leader in e-commerce and key digital player in Europe, Cdiscount is committed to responsible, solidarity-based and inclusive digital technology through the following actions: 

  • Reducing its activity’s carbon impact 
  • Developing a circular economy 
  • Supporting local economy 
  • Building trustworthy relationships with the network 
  • Developing human capital 
colis réutilisable hipli cdiscount

Innovation policy 

For several years now, Cdiscount has been pursuing a dynamic innovation policy hand-in-hand with its employees. 


Cdiscount sets up many trials (10 to 15 per year) with companies that have ready-to-use solutions: Hipli was one of them. 


In 2017, Cdiscount created its accelerator dedicated to supply chain startups to co-design solutions for the future. Among them: Agrikolis (delivery of bulky products to farms) and Exotec (robotic goods-to-men storage and preparation system). 


Cdiscount is part of a consortium of supply chain specialists, including the Chaire de l’école des Ponts, alongside Louis Vuitton, Michelin, and Renault, to discuss common issues. 

Cdiscount keeps an eye out for technological developments and solutions developed by young companies with whom it regularly collaborates. 

After testing other solutions, in November 2021, the company chose Hipli reusable packaging as its packaging solution. 

The challenge for Cdiscount with its customers was twofold


  • Packaging is the first physical link with customers. This contributes to building trust. 
  • The reusable parcel service is a way to support customers in their desire to consume with a more responsible approach. 
satisfaction client hipli colis reutilisable

Seamless supply chain integration

To deploy Hipli’s solution, no particular modifications were undergone to ship the products in reusable packaging. They are integrated into manual packaging lines. Training and awareness-raising of the teams were carried out to streamline the implementation. 

Make Hipli visible for more products 

The increase in the reference system of eligible products has made it possible to make the service of reusable packaging more accessible when buying online. Today, 60% of small products are eligible. 

Cdiscount and Hipli spoke a lot about how to find the best way to engage the customer via the website in its wish to reduce its environmental impact. If the product is eligible, the customer can choose between reusable or single-use packaging. 

After seven months, Cdiscount has noted that the Hipli solution has met customer expectations, both from the point of view of experience and ecological impact.

“Our goal has always been to co-build the best solutions for our customers, involving all stakeholders. This partnership with Hipli is the result of external and internal collaborations. We were able to share the opportunities offered by e-commerce but also our constraints, Hipli particularly convinced us thanks to its actions to engage customers in changing their habits to reduce their environmental impact when buying online.”

Rémi Naudion

Transport and Delivery Director, at C-Logistics

“Nous avons toujours eu pour objectif de co-construire les meilleures solutions pour nos clients, en associant toutes les parties prenantes. Ce partenariat avec Hipli est le fruit de collaborations en externe comme en interne. Nous avons pu partager les opportunités qu’offraient le e-commerce mais aussi nos contraintes, Hipli nous a convaincu notamment grâce à ses actions pour engager les clients dans le changement de leurs habitudes, en vue de réduire leur impact environnemental lors de l’acte d’achat sur internet.”

Pierre-Yves Escarpit

Directeur Général Adjoint de Cdiscount et Directeur Général de C-Logistics